PostWatch Version History

Changes in v2.7

  • Now compatible with Adobe After Effects 2023. Still requires turning on logging in the Render Queue.
  • Fixed rare Compressor error when cancelling a batch.

Changes in v2.6

  • New security feature: the ability to use PostWatch’s screen saver as a lock screen. You can launch it from the menu and the Mac will be locked. (yet still get alerts) PostWatch also honors the “Require password after the screen saver begins” in System Preferences/Settings.
  • Fixed update check from hanging at launch.
  • Removed the Notifications workaround for HandBrake that kept it in focus during encodes. Handbrake v1.6.1 removed the need for it.
  • Fixed issue with Optimizer hanging when modifying Notifications. The macOS 13.2.1 update broke it.

Changes in v2.5

  • Added alert and link to procedure to enable System Events permissions when blocked. (macOS Monterey)
  • Fixed alert messages with missing localization text.
  • Improved identification of macOS version for non-english areas.

Changes in v2.4

  • Now supports MacOS Ventura!
  • Rebuilt Bluetooth battery warning (now works on newer OS’s).
  • Improvements to low disk space alerts.
  • Optimization Tool progress meter with cancel button. (Big Sur and higher)
  • Several minor fixes and tweaks.

Changes in v2.3

  • Adobe Media Encoder alerts working again after Adobe updates.
  • Fixed PostWatch Screensaver cycling on/off when system Screen Saver is disabled.
  • Shrunk the size of the installer .dmg
  • Preparations for macOS Ventura.

Changes in v2.2

  • Button to cancel Startup Delay.
  • Fixed rare PostWatch Screensaver “idleTime” error.
  • Fixed PostWatch Screensaver showing on all displays.
  • Fixed false or missing complete notices in After Effects.
  • Updated paths to new website:

Changes in v2.1

  • Added compatibility with ff·Works 3.
  • Fixed Compressor error when cancelling a batch.

Changes in v2.0

  • Re-designed as a menu bar app including preferences.
  • Single application file deployment. No more helper files.
  • Digitally signed for Gatekeeper.
  • Multi-language support: English and Spanish. (more to come)
  • Integrated and intuitive setup and optimization.
  • Rebuilt Pushover verification.
  • Now uses Pushover Groups and User switching.
  • Option to use a single App Token.
  • New and improved built-in screensaver.
  • Compressor encode duration fixes.
  • Media Encoder error count fixes.
  • Many, many small stability improvements.

Changes in v1.70

  • Now supports macOS Monterey!
  • Beginning stages of multi-language support. (coming in 2022)
  • Improved System Optimization scripts for specific macOS’s.
  • Fixed issue affecting display sleep modes with Big Sur and higher.
  • Fixed issue with HandBrake not triggering Notification Center and PostWatch alerts.
  • Fixed an After Effects issue with desktop Notifications showing incorrect composition name.
  • Fixed several issues from changes in Resolve 17. (tested with v14 through v17.4.2)
  • More code improvements for less RAM and CPU usage.

Changes in v1.65

  • Now supports DaVinci Resolve. Tested on v14 and higher.
  • New script to make sure your system is set to work with PostWatch; Notification settings, Helper scripts and more.
  • New version check at launch will let you know when an update is available.
  • Small fixes and adjustments.

Changes in v1.65

  • New feature that saves PostWatch alerts when the internet connection is down. Sends them when the connection returns.
  • Fixes to communication with Pushover for a more stable exchange.

Changes in v1.63

  • Rebuilt time elapsed for Apple Compressor. Time elapsed is now reported to Pushover for: After Effects, Media Encoder, Compressor, Hedge, REDCINE-X Pro, CD-Transfer and Episode.

Changes in v1.62

  • Added support for Adobe Media Encoder.

Changes in v1.59

  • Added support for Adobe After Effects.
  • Added support for REDCINE-X Pro.
  • Fixed a few issues with versions of Compressor older than v4.5.3

Changes in v1.58

  • Updated Compressor compatibility to include new Notifications introduced in v4.5.3
  • Added sounds when startup/shutdown notice is activated.

Changes in v1.57

  • Fixed issue with macOS Big Sur with reading Notification Center – PW had trouble distinguishing between a banner alert and user opening Notification Center. Now works properly.

Changes in v1.56

  • Rebuilt for compatibility with macOS Big Sur.

Changes in v1.53

  • Compressor detection revamped and working more efficiently.
  • Tweaks and fixes.