PostSync FAQs

Why is PostSync not available on the App Store?

PostSync needs access to various user files for synching and cleaning. This means that it needs to bypass macOS’s Sandbox security features to do its work. Unfortunately disabling Sandbox protections is against the guidelines for App Store compatibility. Please be assured that PostSync is Apple Developer Certified will not alter files outside of your User folders. (Mostly works with files found in Documents, Movies and Application Support)

Why does PostSync not synchronize general preferences for post-production apps?

My goal was to keep PostSync as problem free as possible. The complexity of version specific preference files for applications would introduce too many issues, and the possibility of breaking an app is just too risky. Instead I focused on files that were more essential to a solid collaborative workflow: encode settings, keyboard shortcuts, graphic templates, user fonts, LUTs, workspaces and others like this. It also allows editors to customize their application as they see fit, but choose to sync the settings needed for a consistent workflow throughout the studio.

How do I run PostSync on a schedule?

Simply add PostSync to a macOS Calendar event. Open Calendar. Add a new Event and click “Add Alert”. Set “Repeat” to “Every Day” or what ever interval you need. Then change “Alert” from none to custom then select “Open File” and browse to PostSync in the Applications folder.

What about languages other than English?

My goal is to eventually localize PostSync for multiple languages. Stay tuned for updates on this. Please note that for the most part PostSync will work with any language, however certain Cleanup presets are hardcoded with English folder paths so it may be necessary to manually browse the correct folder path. (This will also be updated for localized languages in a future update)