Free FCP Templates

Below you will find FCP templates that I have created for my own toolbox. Feel free to use in your own projects. Enjoy!

Note that these were created for 16X9 timelines. Other aspect ratios may create strange results.

Keyframable 3D Camera

Add camera movement to any still image or moving video right inside Final Cut Pro without special plug-ins. Includes controls for a spotlight, depth-of-field and a background drop zone.

Great for giving life to photo montages or website promo videos.

Tip: For sharper results place source and template in a higher resolution compound clip than your timeline.

Parallax Push

Add a simple parallax push to flat images to create a sense of depth. Includes control of the amount of edge depth-of-field.

Tip: The length of the template determines the speed of the push. Longer = slower. Put in a compound clip for better control and for use with transitions.

Slide Wipe Advanced

This transition has advanced adjustments that take it from a simple wipe to a push and everything in between. Has four directions of movement (left, right, up, down) and includes an adjustable border.

Split-Screen Slide

Create a split-screen effect with an optional sliding transition in and out (left, right, up and down). Adjust the percentage/position of the split. Includes an adjustable border.

Slide Wipe with Color

This slide transition adds an adjustable color panel with blend mode options. Includes left and right versions.