PostWatch Troubleshooting

Can’t access System Events?

If you receive a message that PostWatch Watcher does not have permission to use System Events try this first: Go to Security & Privacy in System Preferences then click the Privacy tab and select Automation in the list. Enable System Events for PostWatch Watcher.

If you you do not see PostWatch Watcher listed then here is almost easy procedure to trick macOS into enabling it for you. (seems to be a security flaw in macOS Monterey)

  • Go to applications/utilities and find Script Editor app. Keep this window open
  • Open a new window and locate PostWatch in the Applications folder then control-click or right-click and select Show Package Contents.
  • Drill down through Contents → Resources → PostWatch Watcher and drag the app to Script Editor in the first window you opened. This will open the script.
  • In Script Editor menu go to Export:
    • File format should be Application
    • Stay Open should be selected
    • Sign to Run Locally should be selected.
  • Save to the Desktop and Double-click it to run. This will trigger the System Events permissions dialogue. After that you will get some error messages so just quit.
  • Launch PostWatch normally and it should now be working normally. You can delete the temporary app file you created from the desktop.