Changes in v1.6

  • FIXED: Synchronize results did not include files that were updated. (correctly synced, just not reported)
  • FIXED: File Cleanup was not removing certain bundle files (ie, Final Cut Backups)
  • IMPROVED: Synced Compressor destinations are now corrected with local user paths.
  • Small speed improvements to Share Connections.


Changes in v1.5

  • NEW FEATURE: Restoring/transferring general preferences for Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects and Resolve. PostSync also takes care of altering settings so they work correctly with the current workstation.
  • IMPROVED: File Cleanup utility speed enhancements! Also running a Cleanup Test is now 10X faster and features a new enhanced Results window layout.
  • IMPROVED: After Effects Migration Tool uses improved matching with existing files. Now includes migration of render, output and composition templates.
  • A change in macOS Ventura was discovered that affects encryption. The Credentials tool has been updated to make encryption consistent with all macOS versions. However, this does require Ventura users to re-enter credentials for Connection Shares and After Effects sync.
  • Changing the Workstation name in PostSync preferences also changes the folder name for General Preferences backup in the Sync Hub.
  • Added a new preset in File Cleanup for After Effects disk cache files.
  • Added drag-and-drop to File Cleanup and Launch Apps. File/folder acceptance filtering has also been improved.
  • Fixed several number selection steppers throughout preferences that were broken by an Apple Xcode bug.
  • Fixed several pop-up windows that were supposed to be non-sizable, but were.
  • Small beautification changes.


Changes in v1.4

  • Renewed Developer account so malware warning no longer appears on launch.
  • Fixed hang on launch. The update service was causing a slow down.
  • Fixed issue that prevented SMB servers from connecting. (Logic error on my part.)
  • Added DaVinci Resolve to Sync actions. Also Included in General Preferences backup.
  • Added tabs in Sync Preferences to organize tasks by application vendor.
  • New Migration utility for After Effects to copy files in the Plug-ins, Presets and Scripts folders to new versions of AE.
  • Fixed some issues with region localization regarding the Applications folder. Mostly affected listing applications in Cleanup.
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.


Changes in v1.3

  • Rebuilt Share connection code for wider compatibility. Choose the protocol for each Share and optionally provide server login credentials.
  • Save User/Admin credentials for synching After Effects files that reside in the Applications folder. No more password requests from macOS Finder.
  • More changes to the way workstations are identified internally. Previous change was not implemented fully. (If you use a Primary please run Sync on it before other workstations.)
  • A few more minor improvements.


Changes in v1.2

  • Added support for CommandPost.
  • Sync now displays separate counts for Files Changed verses Files Removed.
  • Fixed some Adobe Sync actions that were not removing files for Primary/Replica operations.
  • Improved Motion Templates synching when dealing with 3rd party templates. Sometimes a “permission denied” error occurred and the sync failed.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements.


Changes in v1.1

  • Enabled drag and drop capability for Sync Hub.
  • Internally changed the way PostSync Identifies workstations. Unique login name no longer required.
  • Clarified some tooltip and help information.