Changes in v1.3

  • Rebuilt Share connection code for wider compatibility. Choose the protocol for each Share and optionally provide server login credentials.
  • Save User/Admin credentials for synching After Effects files that reside in the Applications folder. No more password requests from macOS Finder.
  • More changes to the way workstations are identified internally. Previous change was not implemented fully. (If you use a Primary please run Sync on it before other workstations.)
  • A few more minor improvements.


Changes in v1.2

  • Added support for CommandPost.
  • Sync now displays separate counts for Files Changed verses Files Removed.
  • Fixed some Adobe Sync actions that were not removing files for Primary/Replica operations.
  • Improved Motion Templates synching when dealing with 3rd party templates. Sometimes a “permission denied” error occurred and the sync failed.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements.


Changes in v1.1

  • Enabled drag and drop capability for Sync Hub.
  • Internally changed the way PostSync Identifies workstations. Unique login name no longer required.
  • Clarified some tooltip and help information.